SSS CD reviewed by Luc Rodgers

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SSS CD reviewed by Luc Rodgers
Oct 12, 2007, 04:16

S.S.S. - Short Sharp Shock

SSS Short Sharp Shock CD

There is a reason thrash metal became as big as it did in the 80's and early 90's—it was fresh, mean, and unapologetic. The masses tired of punk and needed a taste of the next level of brutality, over-the-top antics, and speed. It was a time when a little-known band released their debut LP Kill ‘Em All to a growling, fist-swinging mass of kids who, in turn, asked for more. How about some South of Heaven? Yes? Well, try some Peace Sells…But Who's Buying? Thrash rode the, er, lightning for a long time (it was so big that, of course, the Christians had their own in the Crucified, whose 1991 album Pillars of Humanity was actually rather good) until everyone moved on to darker things (black metal) or more melodic offerings (Primus featured ex-Possessed guitarist Larry LaLonde). Many years later, as seems wont to happen, some people got together and talked of the “classic days of thrash.” They formed a band, played some shows, got hyped by a label as a “return to the form,” and attempted to do it all over again. Short Sharp Shock is one of these albums.

Yes, SSS do a good job sounding like the Bay Area thrash coming out “back in the day” (Exodus, Heathen, Testament, Metallica), so…you know what's coming here…why not just listen to the masters? Oh, you're tired of those albums and need something new. The only advice that can be given in this circumstance is to, ahem, move on! Thrash is dead. Don't blame it on anything…well, maybe Hetfield and co.'s Load. That couldn't have helped. [Earache]

-Luc Rodgers

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