Mother Hips CD reviewed by James Jackson Toth

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Mother Hips CD reviewed by James Jackson Toth
Oct 26, 2007, 05:43

The Mother Hips - Kiss the Crystal Flake

MOTHER HIPS Kiss The Crystal Flake CD

What's not to like about Mother Hips? Well, for starters, if you live in their native San Francisco, the band come with a very pesky negative connotation—namely, the fact that frat kids like 'em. I was blissfully unaware of such an unfortunate stigma when I went to see the band live on the suggestion of a friend, and found their blend of classic rock forms and psychedelic pop largely irresistible. They also reminded me of The Move. I was a goner.

On Kiss The Crystal Flake, the band's seventh album, what's immediately apparent is the band's tremendous range, as they effortlessly mix granola-pop, AOR white boy soul ballads, and straight up rock action. The production, while certainly what some Your Flesh readers might call “slick,” is serviceable and thankfully allows the guitars to sound like guitars, the drums to sound like drums, and so on.

The songwriting is also top notch—“Time We Had” sounds like the best Fountains of Wayne song never written,  “No Name Darrell” chugs along like a Squeeze / Tom Petty cocktail, and “White Headphones” swings like Joe Jackson—that is, until the killer electric guitar lead comes in and you suddenly remember that this is a band for people who like to smoke grass.

I hate to say it as much as you hate to hear it, folks, but I think the keg jockeys might actually be on to something this time. Don't taze me, bro. [Camera]     Â

-James Jackson Toth


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