Castanets CD reviewed by Troy Brookins

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Castanets CD reviewed by Troy Brookins
Oct 27, 2007, 00:39

Castanets - In the Vines


Ray Raposa couldn't have hit bottom any harder trying to get this record made. Already in a fragile state, Raposa was mugged at gunpoint in front of his Brooklyn apartment. Always stealing more than just material items, the thugs added to a fucked-up year that found Raposa depressed and rootless. Fortunately, he was able to complete In the Vines despite the multitude of personal setbacks. Partially inspired by a Hindu fable that deals with fate, In the Vines delivers the best that the Castanets has yet to offer. This is no backhanded compliment considering the strength of both Cathedral and First Light's Freeze. Surrounding himself with friends from various indie outfits—Vanishing Voice, Shaky Hands and Phosphorescent—Raposa creates a sparse, moody atmosphere that places Castanets alongside the best moments of P.G. Six and Wooden Wand. It's a record that digs deep, rivaling your worst heartache as you experience a sense of pain that reflects both helplessness and hopelessness. Some of the songs seem fragmented, resembling the thoughts that race through your head as you struggle to find something to grasp while others are complete moments that embody your darkest state. It's Raposa putting it all out there, revealing the crippling pain that is depression. Through it all you find bruised beauty that keeps you coming back for more because it's both honest and empathetic. [Asthmatic Kitty]

-Troy Brookins


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