Let me start by saying, I don't know fuck all about these guys. Shit I couldn't even tell you where the hell Denton TX is but when a CD shears yer head off on first listen, it doesn't really matter, does it. Since I'm neither a critic nor writer, I can cheat and start off with a bunch of immediate comparisons: Primo DRUNKS WITH GUNS psychotic, unhinged energy and ballistic red-lining production; a Cosmic Psychos-style penchant for hooks, but throwing in a shitload more complexity to the songs. It's obvious these guys have a few well-worn Stooges or Sonics records in the collection, but thankfully aren't leaning on 'em so hard as to be unoriginal. Nothing wrong with a dash of acid and a dollop of garage in the mix, so long as it doesn't overwhelm the flavor, ya know? Toss in some Killed By Death punk references like the Pagans, some way early Leather Nun as well. All that said some new school head stomping stew comes out the mess. Shit, "Heil Vacation" sounds like a methed-up Marc Bolan attempting to write a No Wave tune. Catchy and clever lyrics that capture the brutality of the songs and mix, like "I Hate Your Face." Hey, when you title a song "Kleaning Krew" and convincingly rant, "there's a spot upon your heart, WIPE THAT FUCKER CLEAN," fuck... sign me up. Yeah I'm sure there's a smart assed smirk in there, but that's some old-fashioned chest thumping and bile, something that's been missing in rock bands for ages. I just wanna lock these guys in a room with Bright Eyes and let nature take its course. [Kuntstwaffe]

-Haze XXL



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