Craft CD reviewed by Brett Horn

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Craft CD reviewed by Brett Horn
Nov 9, 2007, 05:51


CRAFT Fuck the Universe CD

I've never been a huge black metal fan. I appreciate the absurd commitment to evil with a capital E, but in the past, it struck me a subgenre so stuck in its own codified brand of extremity that it had become a static bore. That's changed recently, with some practitioners keeping the props (face paint, bizarre nihilistic rants, Yeah!) but opening up a bit sonically (Double Yeah!). Craft fits pretty nicely within this trend, mixing a healthy dose of doom with the blackness. I dig the combination of mid-tempo grinds with savage black metal riffage and appreciate the vocals. The dude's doing his best to sound as inhuman as possible, but he keeps the shrieking and grunting to a minimum. Little thing, I know, but damn I'm tired of that shit. Still, while this disc warms the dark part of my heart it doesn't hit me full-square in the cockles. Too often the songs grow limp and directionless and just don't hold my full attention. So as ridiculous as it is to give these bleak bastards a grade, I'm going to go ahead and declare this a solid B effort. If Craft wants to be eviledictorians, they'll need to spend some time in satanic summer school. [Southern Lord]

-Brett Horn

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