Les Savy Fav CD reviewed by Brett Horn

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Les Savy Fav CD reviewed by Brett Horn
Nov 9, 2007, 06:03

Les Savy Fav - Let's Stay Friends

LES SAVY FAV Let's Stay Friends CD/LP

I've always dug Les Savy Fav, but I never felt the band really nailed it until their last record, Go Forth. It was there that the band fully synthesized its pop impulses with their jerky, manic energy. Going out on top, Les Savy Fav then went on an extended hiatus. Now they're back. Is Let's Stay Friends a final victory lap (the title would suggest that this is the last go around) or an annoying voicemail message from an ex that just doesn't get that it's over? My vote would be the former. If Go Forth left you wanting more, you'll be more than satisfied, and this is as good an entry point for a newcomer. While the complaint could be made that this is more of the same from a band that was interesting primarily for its left turns, I'd say that after finding its pocket, Les Savy Fav is more than justified in settling there. Forever art school students at heart, they're still occasionally too clever by half, but the few groaner moments sprinkled throughout the album are more than offset by joyful blasts like “Raging in the Plague Age.” Thanks for the parting shot, guys, but remember that we can't miss you if you never leave. [French Kiss]

-Brett Horn

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