The Prime Movers CD reviewed by Nick Blakey

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The Prime Movers CD reviewed by Nick Blakey
Nov 15, 2007, 04:16

The Prime Movers - Back In Line


Maybe it's a Boston thing, but, very much like Lyres, The Prime Movers do the 60's and 70's better than some of the folks they claim inspired them (such as The Who, The Jam, The Kinks and Cheap Trick) while simultaneously sounding timeless and not nostalgic. It's a rare feat for a band to come back after nearly 20 years and fuck shit up the way The Prime Movers do, but sure enough, The Prime Movers are actually a resurrected 80's Boston band with all original members that generated quite a stir in their time but only released a handful of tracks.

Back In Line just cooks from the moment it starts and covers a lot of stylistic ground. There's the more garage aspects of "Back In Line" and "Left In The Dark," rave-ups like "When He's Down" and "In Shreds," the strong blues aspects of "Say Those Words" and "Always Be Here," and the cool garage-psychedelia of "Smash The Mirror" (not a Who cover) and "King of the World," (which features some very "Penny Lane"-ish trumpet that doesn't imply even a wink of wimpiness). I found myself putting this album on constant rotation and enjoying every moment of it never once wondering if they may have been better their first time around. Cam Ackland's vocals are never anything less than commanding and in charge, and Dennis McCarthy's drums drive everything with such force and fury you'd think he was the current possessor of John Bonham's soul. Dick Tate's guitar work is superb and holds steady and strong without having to rely on influential clichés.

The album's production (Jack Younger) is very sympathetic to the band in that it presents a clean yet raw sound that doesn't get mixed up in current technology nor does it try to sound vintage and retro. While I do feel this album would be better served on vinyl in a mono mix, nonetheless, even in a digital stereo format the music comes across clear and true.

Bottom line is these guys are good, and are not a tribute band, not a cover band, not even a bunch of thieves. The Prime Movers merely rock out and prove they know their history while making music very much of the present. Never mind those bands that are trying to recreate an era long gone, Back In Line merely picks up where everyone else left off. Right on! [Wonderdrug/Stanton Park]

-Nick Blakey


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