Birds of Avalon CD reviewed by Michael Coleman

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Birds of Avalon CD reviewed by Michael Coleman
Dec 10, 2007, 04:29

Birds Of Avalon - Bazaar Bazaar


Rising from the ruins of Cherry Valence, Birds of Avalon introduced themselves to the music world in May 2007 with Bazaar, Bazaar, a churning psychedelic rock record that evokes Rush at the beginning of their career, Led Zepplin in the middle of theirs and the Doors at their ever-darkening end. But despite the obvious classic rock influences, North Carolina's Birds of Avalon generally manage to keep things fresh. Heavy, hypnotic and at times a bit haywire, the band builds its songs on simple rhythms peppered with fuzzy guitars and spacey keyboard interludes. Vocalist Craig Tilley's haunting vocals hover above the fray without turning irrelevant. More than once, I recalled Sabbath-era Ozzy Osbourne in Tilley's pinched, urgent vocal style. “Taking Trains” is dense and a bit meandering, with guitarist Paul Siler doing a helluva Alex Lifeson impersonation. “Superpower” starts slow but quickly evolves into something heavier and much more compelling which might just possibly describe the trajectory of the band itself. [Volcom]

-Michael Coleman

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