Hoots and Hellmouth CD reviewed by Michael Coleman

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Hoots and Hellmouth CD reviewed by Michael Coleman
Dec 14, 2007, 07:28

Hoots & Hellmouth - Hoots & Hellmouth


Some people find Philly-bred Hoots and Hellmouth's brand of indie-folk-country to be a little too cute, a little too contrived. It may well be that the band has never made its “Home in Boxcar,” as they sing about on their debut album. But that doesn't mean Hoots and Hellmouth can't craft a pretty, breezy little song about it. Deft mandolin picking, steady rhythm and alluring harmonies keep the song—and in fact, the entire disc—chugging down the tracks. Citing influences as diverse as Otis Redding, Neutral Milk Hotel and Willie Nelson, Hoots and Hellmouth seems determined to avoid easy labels.

This record, if a bit antiseptically produced at times, still sounds like it was fun to make. Hoots and Hellmouth may struggle for cred among the alt-country crowd, but no one can say they can't craft a catchy tune. And sometimes that's good enough. [Mad Dragon]

-Michael Coleman

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