Aesop Rock CD reviewed by Brett Horn

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Aesop Rock CD reviewed by Brett Horn
Dec 31, 2007, 04:32

Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (Bonus Track Version)

AESOP ROCK None Shall Pass CD

Aesop Rock's first few discs marked him out as one to watch, but while there's a lot to like on None Shall Pass, he's still a bit short of truly hitting the mark. On the positive side, his ability to spit out fairly tricky rhymes in a lazy, offhanded way that makes it sound effortless still shines. Also, the content stays well outside the typical genre stereotypes, no gangstas or hoes here. The beats and samples provide a fairly laidback vibe, which dovetails nicely with his rapping style. All that said, though, there's a number of issues that keep this disc in the good but not great bucket. First, there's not much variation on the musical side of things, which all too often just fades into the background. Further, the disc falls into some lazy formulas, such as starting out too many songs with a spoken-word sample intro. Compounding this is the length of the album. There's absolutely no reason for this disc to be a full hour and a number of weaker tracks cry out to fall to the cutting floor. Aesop Rock's got his lyrical skills done cold, but he needs to learn to self-edit and up the rest of his game. [Definitive Jux]

-Brett Horn

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