Nothing People 7" reviewed by James Jackson Toth

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Nothing People 7" reviewed by James Jackson Toth
Dec 31, 2007, 04:41


NOTHING PEOPLE “In The City” b/w “Really Good Time” 7”

How do you follow up a killer debut 7” that catches the underground music community completely off guard? If you're Orland, Califonia's Nothing People, you do it by immediately issuing a second single that's just as likely to have beardos and weirdos tripping over each other hurling superlatives. While the first single showcased the band's psych-punk side, this new one features a more new wave-y, almost glam sound, driven home by the cover of Roxy Music's “Really Good Time” on the flipside. “In The City” (not a Fear or Jam cover, but certainly good enough to rank alongside both) is the winner, here, though—a melodic anthem more spunk than punk, from a band born too late to be rocking with such authority. What gives? Totally friggin' awesome. [S-s Records]

-James Jackson Toth

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