Black Lips CD reviewed by James Jackson Toth

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Black Lips CD reviewed by James Jackson Toth
Jan 4, 2008, 06:46

Black Lips - Good Bad Not Evil

BLACK LIPS Good Bad Not Evil CD

Good Bad Not Evil is the fourth, and best album by Atlanta's Black Lips, a band whose adherence to the Killed By Death-era garage punk style is only tolerable because they're so damn good at it. Unlike so many of their contemporaries, this band has style and a knack for pop hooks that easily distinguishes them. They have a sense of humor, but are never outwardly, self-consciously ‘wacky.' They make me wish I was seventeen and I could go to their shows, drink illegally, and have the best time of my life.

“Katrina” uses standard blues chords to dis a hurricane. “How Do You Tell A Child” is straight Hank Williams Health and Happiness gospel, at once reverent and crude. “Bad Kids' contains the line “Don't try to give us pills / Oh, wait / Give us all the pills,” and that's not even the best lyric in the song. “Cold Hands' would have been a hit single in 1967. “Veni, Vidi, Vici” samples a bar of music from the criminally underrated Swamp Rats and turns it into a Yardbirds song by way of Guided By Voices. One of the band's singer / guitarists occasionally goes by the name “Old King” Cole Alexander. If you don't like this band, you don't like rock and roll. [Vice]

-James Jackson Toth

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