Year of No Light CD reviewed by Brett Horn

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Year of No Light CD reviewed by Brett Horn
Jan 4, 2008, 06:41

Year of No Light - Nord


Upon taking my first look at the package for Year of No Light's Nord, I wasn't too optimistic when I saw the band describe itself as "brutal shoegazer." Summing up your sound with an oxymoron is rarely a good sign, and, while I understand what it is they're getting at, a lot of that kind of stuff is simply dull, and my appetite for even the best of it is somewhat limited. But these French bastards pull it off. Fans of metal soundscape artists such as Isis, Jesu and Minsk will find a lot to like here. While it's a valid criticism of the subgenre that metal should be anything but background music, Year of No Light offers up more than enough transcendent moments to compensate for the occasional sonic wallpaper spots that inevitably crop up. The thing that puts it over the top is the incredible guitar tone. Long, sustained notes with a trebly, siren-like feel work magic against the machine rhythms, providing a pretty/heavy dynamic that propels the best tracks, such as "Les Mains De L'Empereur." They've also got a nice sense of how to build up to peak moments with little deadweight loss and keep the track lengths fairly short, which is a rare show of restraint relative to their peers. Overall, I've got to give this a thumbs-up as a nice soundtrack for those living a bleak existence. [Crucial Blast]

-Brett Horn

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