Functional Blackouts CD review by Steve Miller

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Functional Blackouts CD review by Steve Miller
Feb 5, 2008, 04:08


FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS The Severed Tongue Speaks For Everyone CD

The 80-81 wave of U.S. hardcore left little room for compromise for the ensuing generations. Adherents too young to partake at the time could either grow up to pander and take the aggression to the mall—witness Green Day, Rancid et. al.—or they could go on to make unsuitable, irritant noise with roots in the wave of LA/Midwest/DC bombast. Recall listening to the instant fury of Void, or the pissed-off-at-everyone bombast of Drunks with Guns. One of the few bands to hold that vibe in their drunken paws today is Functional Blackouts, a Chicago outfit that twirls under three-chord whirlwind with incoherent shards of white noise that would make Sun Ra and the Boredoms sit back. Many a band has tried this approach and failed, operating under the misconception that they are sincere and really “mean it,” therefore they rock. Wrong. The Blackouts sound like they are doing this with superb planning, sort of like a map for world domination. [Dead Beat]


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