Electric Wizard CD review by Brett Horn

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Electric Wizard CD review by Brett Horn
Jan 28, 2008, 05:53



Electric Wizard has been at it for a while, and with more than one genre masterpiece under their belt, their spot in the doom metal pantheon is assured. Still, with Justin Oborn the sole remaining original member, it would be fair to wonder whether the band has hit the point of diminishing returns. Witchcult Today proves that Electric Wizard still has plenty to offer. While not on par with their best records, it's still well ahead of most the band's imitators. Electric Wizard's not breaking new ground here, and I say amen to that. In fact, the most noticeable change is a commitment to more of the same. The sound is still slow and heavy, but fuzzier and more analog than ever. A couple of songs deserve notice, though. “Torquemada '71” is an up-tempo mono-riff stomper with a catchy sing-song chorus. The insertion of a hook may not sound like much, but it's delightfully sacrilegious for these guys. The 11-minute “Black Magic Rituals & Perversions” is a nasty piece of evil ambience that will give even the most desensitized metal listener goose bumps. If you plan on hosting satanic rituals anytime soon, you've found the perfect soundtrack. It's a rare treat to see a band maintain a consistent sound while still keeping it interesting. Electric Wizard would be fully justified in hanging it up or resting on its laurels, yet thankfully they've chosen a better path. [Rise Above]

-Brett Horn

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