ASG CD review by Luc Rodgers

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ASG CD review by Luc Rodgers
Jan 30, 2008, 02:51

Asg - Win Us Over

ASG Win Us Over CD

In the small coastal town of Wrightsville, NC, three guys decided it was time to rock. Oh, wait…I mean rock (their imagined inflection, complete with a thrust or two). With the albums of Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, and everything between southern rock and metal tucked underneath their belts and sewn on their sleeve, All Systems Go, later shortened to ASG (both names being laughable, almost criminal), began writing and performing their version of good ol' USA rock 'n' roll in 2001. Now, in 2008, how have they fared?

Well, they are still playing the same shit.

Impotence and an unimaginative air blasts through with the opener, “Right Before Death,” with a thunderous explosion (thanks to the stellar production of Matt Hyde, known for his work with the Mastodon discography) and dull harmonics. The first thought is, “Wow. People are still making this music? And buying it?” Yes, yes they are. Where? Wrightsville, NC, and evidently, every other small town in America, maybe. What makes it so bad?

Remember Alice in Chains? There's some of that in there. Not bad…but unneeded. How about soaring choruses that hark back to the glory days of power metal? Check. Of course, some parts nod to Clutch while others are shaking hands with (clearing the throat)…Creed. Then Jason Shi (vocals and guitar) belts out a metallic scream that is passable…but not cloaked in run-of-the-mill riffage. Throw this together and you have ASG…or just plain college rock. It is perfectly packaged, physically and aurally, for the hundreds of “X” radio stations infecting America coast-to-coast. Ugh…this makes my stomach hurt.

Check out “Glow” for a nice overview of what A(nother)S(tale)G(roup) are all about—catchy verses, catchy chorus. Now roll your tongue around a bit to let it wash over your palate…bad, huh? Yeah, that's because it sounds like a Christian metal band with its outdated victorious aura evoking the image of a drunken Scott Creed standing with arms wide open. Open fire, boys.

The title, Win Us Over, may be hinting at something deeper. Are they asking for some fresh ideas? Are they scoping about trying to refine their taste, something maybe a little less “snowboard video soundtrack” and more “doing pushups on a volcano” sound? Or are they just that cocky that we need to beg and plead for their attention? (You're the band, I'm the critic…win me over, jerks.) Upon final analysis, who really cares. Yes, they're bad…but when they disappear we will only have another. It is an unending cycle of frowning and shame that plague the world of music. Half-ass artists putting out half-ass records will always be, and that's only because people buy them. Let your voice be heard, general public, and do not purchase this record. [Volcom]

-Luc Rodgers


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