Qui CD review by Steve Miller

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Qui CD review by Steve Miller
Feb 5, 2008, 03:56

Qui - Love's Miracle

QUI Love's Miracle CD

Qui has suffered from health problems recently—singer David Yow had a collapsed lung, while axe man Matt Cronk had a stroke—and we wish them the best. This 9-song burst of noise, though, is an unneeded blast from the past. A Jesus Lizard reunion might have served better, such are the songs, jittery, unbalanced, arrhythmic. No dice, man. The idea of moving on is to, well, move on. And this is thick ice they are walking, hardly the thin, ready-to-break variety that Yow is familiar with. Color us disappointed. And where's that copy of Goat? [Ipacac]



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