American Music Club CD review by Troy Brookins

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American Music Club CD review by Troy Brookins
Feb 27, 2008, 18:47

American Music Club - The Golden Age


It's difficult for me to be objective when it comes to American Music Club. You can say what you want, but I'm a sucker for Mark Eitzel's vocals. His seductive laid-back croon sets me on fire like a teenage girl on prom night. On and off again for the last twenty-five years, American Music Club has consistently created music for those who spend lonely nights at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. It's a desperate situation that teeters on the edge and Eitzel sells it well. The core of AMC is still Mark Eitzel and guitarist Mark “Vudi” Pankler, but it seems that the majority of the band is now based in LA rather than San Francisco. The move hasn't done anything to shake Eitzel's approach to songwriting—he's still celebrating characters straight out of the Bukowski playbook.

The Golden Age is AMC's ninth release, second for Merge, and their strongest release since 1993's Mercury. If all goes well AMC can recapture the momentum that was brought to a halt in 1995 with major label disasters and band quarrels. Then again, this band could never survive without the tension that fuels Eitzel's storytelling. [Merge]

-Troy Brookins


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