Dead Meadow CD review by Troy Brookins

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Dead Meadow CD review by Troy Brookins
Feb 27, 2008, 18:43

Dead Meadow - Old Growth


Old Growth marks a ten-year run for these former DC punks turned psychedelic shoegazers who spin Spacemen 3 via Black Sabbath. The sound is an interesting mix that's a bit more accessible than some of the more esoteric psych out there. Theirs is a cool, laid-back buzz that fits nicely among those who sport bumper stickers that read, “I'd Rather be Taking Bong Hits.” It's a safe bet that you're going to dig Dead Meadow if you spend a lot of time on the couch, because they're not a band that's going to motivate you to do much more than fill another bowl. That may sound appealing, but it's all Dead Meadow has delivered over the last few records. The sound, while not dreadful or insipid, has at this point become a bit predictable… Something needs to be shaken up in order for Dead Meadow to remain relevant, otherwise, next time around, it will become more of a chore to sit through an entire CD without getting off the couch to change discs. And here's for hoping. [Matador]

-Troy Brookins


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