The Dirtbombs CD review by Troy Brookins

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The Dirtbombs CD review by Troy Brookins
Feb 27, 2008, 19:10

The Dirtbombs - We Have You Surrounded

THE DIRTBOMBS We Have You Surrounded CD

Once upon a time there was a guy named Mick Collins who could do no wrong. He first gained attention through the seminal Gories—a short-lived project that set an impossible benchmark. Mick was the king of the garage and in demand. Many one-off projects followed that sent tongues wagging. He teased us with short bursts that came in the form of Blacktop, King Sound Quartet and The Screws. Mick was King Midas and everyone held their breath for something that would stick. We were rooting for King Mick. He answered with the Dirtbombs and all was swell. Mick was in his element and it showed. A decade later and Mick is still with The Dirtbombs, but not all is well. They peaked with Ultraglide in Black and everything since seems phoned in via Marc Bolan. The Dirtbombs were an explosion of celebration and that has, for the majority, been lost over the last two releases. It's just not as fun as it used to be and that should never be the case with a band that used to shake it down like nobody's business. [In The Red]

-Troy Brookins


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