Dactyl CD review by Brett Horn

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Dactyl CD review by Brett Horn
Mar 6, 2008, 23:00


DACTYL Teething CD

I find it hard to make the case that Baltimore's Dactyl is an innovative band, but they sit squarely in my wheelhouse, and I dig it. Clearly they've spent a lot of time listening to the Touch and Go roster from the early 90s—they've got the Jesus Lizard pummel down cold—but there's also a healthy dash of the simple joy of the best garage rock. As an added bonus, the lyrics are like short Zen koans your drunk, deer-hunting uncle might come up with. So, “Freedom is a mustache, man,” hmmm, let's ponder that bit of wisdom over a six-pack of Old Style, shall we? The production here could be better (it could be a lot better), but what could be a hindrance comes off as a legitimate ascetic choice, so why bother cleaning when you live in a house with dirt floors? [Reptilian]

-Brett Horn

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