Robert Forster CD review by Nick Blakey

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Robert Forster CD review by Nick Blakey
Mar 25, 2008, 17:42

Robert Forster - The Best of the Solo Recordings 1990-1997

ROBERT FORSTER Intermission: The Best of Solo Recordings 1990-1997 CD

Even if you're not a fan of Australia's The Go-Betweens, of whom Robert Forster was a member throughout the band's entire existence, this partially comprehensive collection of solo recordings is still quite a tantalizing experience. Not as dark as Nick Cave, not as raw as Salamander Jim, but with certainly more punch than the later period Chills (especially as compared to their similar in feeling last LP, Soft Bomb), this is a great collection for a Sunday afternoon in the sun or a late night drive in the pouring rain. Country and western influences abound, with some outsider folk a la Tim Buckley and Tim Hardin, and even a little bit of foot-stomping soul (especially on "Cryin' Eyes," which wouldn't be out of place on Buckley's Greetings From L.A.). Forster thankfully does not try to hide his Australian twang behind an appropriated American southern accent, making these recordings all the more rewarding for their heartfelt honesty and down home feel. Highlights include "Frisco Depot," which sounds like a great lost Fred Neil tune, the Elvis meets John Fogerty romp of "121," and the upbeat swing of "I Can Do." This collection is well worth your time. (FYI: the media kit I received was without the second disc that ostensibly features the collected solo recordings of Grant McLennan.) [Beggars Banquet]

-Nick Blakey


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