Barry Adamson CD review by Steve Miller

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Barry Adamson CD review by Steve Miller
Apr 8, 2008, 04:54

Barry Adamson - Back to the Cat

BARRY ADAMSON Back to the Cat CD

Adamson is the Robert Mitchum of the music world, all smoky backrooms, high collars and swank… With an impeccable pedigree—Cave/Bad Seeds, Magazine and a David Lynch alliance—the man delivers with full cred.

Back to the Cat is a vocal heavy effort, if fans are ready for that. But the instrumentation far outshines his 70's-soul funkified crooning, full of Hammond swells and horns like there's a James Bond movie in the house. If “Civilization” is a tribute to some bastardized form of the Staple Singers, dig it, and the instrumental “Shadow of Death Hotel” looks over the shoulder at the stellar “Mr. Eddy's Theme” that lived on the Lost Highway soundtrack. And check the Bowie channeling of “I Could Love You”—wish that had been on Young Americans.

It was magic seeing the Magazine member Adamson in 1980 onstage at Bookie's in Detroit playing “Shot by Both Sides” (“Hey, whose the cool-ass spade rockin' the joint?”) and it was sad seeing him have to withstand the bullshit Cave/Blixa junkie antics at Metro in Chicago in 1986, when Adamson looked as if he would rather be anywhere but there.

You can see why he went solo shortly after that. It's been a beautiful ride and we're all richer for it. What a gem Cat is, and it's the sound of Adamson reinventing himself every effort. [Central Control]



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