Hank IV CD review by Howard Wuelfing

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Hank IV CD review by Howard Wuelfing
Apr 18, 2008, 16:58

Hank IV - Third Person Shooter

HANK IV Third Person Shooter CD

Hank IV are rude, ill-tempered, potty mouthed ruffians whose music has absolutely no socially redeeming qualities… other than enormous raw energy, infectious, hard-charging tune-age and enough kinetic wallop to T.K.O. a narwhal.

They're very much informed by the skeazier side of pre-HC punk. All their songs evince a marked sense of rhythmic strut and swagger. Each and every one comes equipped with an ear-catching rhythm guitar riff that'd be the envy of anyone from AC/DC to the early Who. Lead singer Bob McDonald has one incredible piercing sneer of a voice—think of Jello Biafra sans helium—that he wraps around lyrics that are unashamedly hate-riddled, dripping with disdain. These are often times bolstered with rambunctious group shout-along choruses.

It sounds rousing as hell on record, all though if you heard this behind you on a deserted street you'd sure wanna be packing heat. Hank IV basically make the Dead Boys sound like Midnight Oil in terms of 'tudes projected. [Hook or Crook]

-Howard Wuelfing



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