Tickley Feather CD review by Luc Rodgers

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Tickley Feather CD review by Luc Rodgers
Apr 25, 2008, 13:08



Annie Sachs, aka Tickley Feather, has been home recording for (at least) the last four years and here we find her first proper release, the self-titled debut on Animal Collective's imprint, Paw Tracks Records. And while fitting into the Paw Tracks catalog nicely, it really is a matter of holding her own with such label mates as Panda Bear, Black Dice, etc.

Nestled between some creepy kid talking about magic and a few other sound bytes/atmospheric jargon, the songs here seem to be more of ideas to be later flourished into something a bit heftier. The melody line of opener, “Buttshot,” is nearly infectious, what with the synthesized strings and ancient drum machine hopefully opening up to a grandiose chorus only to remain placid until finally finishing below the three-minute mark. The listener may be underwhelmed as the following tracks itch and scratch along the floor as a simple organism might before evolving into something a bit smarter.

It isn't until “Tonight is the Night,” which isn't until the last quarter of the album, that one finds anything distinctive in the entire release. The problem is it is merely a distorted keyboard playing what would be a nice intro or underlying melody in any other song, but here it only overshadows the muffled, overly flanged vocals and general hubbub of everything else going on. Confusion as to what is happening reigns supreme and, as it turns out, the short noise ditties peppering here and there are the most poignant bursts of light.

Lo-fi, mashed, and regrettably uninteresting, Tickley Feathers attaches creepy to cute while simultaneously abandoning both. Unmemorable and unneeded, these songs/ditties/experiments are better left in the bedroom. [Paw Tracks]

-Luc Rodgers



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