Yeasayer CD review by Troy Brookins

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Yeasayer CD review by Troy Brookins
Apr 30, 2008, 06:34

Yeasayer - All Hour Cymbals

YEASAYER All Hour Cymbals CD

Forget Vampire Weekend. That's nothing but Graceland filtered through a bunch of Ivy League Nancy boys straight out of the J. Crew catalog. The far more interesting choice of current Brooklyn based hype would be Yeasayer. You're going to get your fair share of Afro-centric poly-rhythms and chant-like vocals on All Hour Cymbals, but it's done in a way that forges something new rather than a dip into Paul Simon's revered late eighties output. The rhythm is blended with some Middle Eastern and Latin splashes and clear pop-hooks that bounce and shake throughout the CD. There's definitely a world beat thing going on here, but it's filtered through the sounds of Brooklyn and delivered through singer Chris Keating's often gospel sounding multi tracked vocals. It's an interesting experiment that works in a very Talking Heads kind of way even if the band members look like they would be more comfortable if they were in a jam band and came from Vermont instead of Brooklyn. But I'm not going to hold that against them and you shouldn't either. [We Are Free]

-Troy Brookins


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