Awesome Color CD review by Troy Brookins

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Awesome Color CD review by Troy Brookins
May 6, 2008, 04:11

Awesome Color - Electric Aborigines

AWESOME COLOR Electric Aborigines CD

Sophomore release from Ann Arbor, MI's Awesome Color who is hell bent on keeping the rock alive, we're talking the big sounds that wail and screech without apology, and they waste no time getting down to business on Electric Aborigines with the sonic mind-fuck “Eyes of Light.” It's one of those songs that you just can't play loud enough. It's what that kid on Project Runway would call “fierce.” Then we move into some lesser punch that moves along nicely in an early Sub Pop kind of way without being too derivative. Then they fuck up the groove with “Step Up,” which they clearly didn't with this track—the flat vocals just kill it. And they continue to fall with the ridiculously flaccid “Come and Dance” which, in the hands of someone like The Makers or The Oblivians might work. Unfortunately, it doesn't get much better. The change of direction, abandoning the balls-out rock of the first CD for some southern boogie, never really comes together and often sounds like a demo that has a number of kinks still to be worked out. Too bad, because Awesome Color has previously shown they're capable of putting out some jaw-dropping music---just not this time.

And while I'm bitching---quit pulling your friends on stage to sing a few numbers. I came to see your band, Awesome Color, not Tommy from Ohio who's been your friend for years. Save that shit for the bar mitzvahs and weddings, not for paying customers. Unless it's Iggy Pop himself, I don't want to see it. [Ecstatic Peace!]

-Troy Brookins


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