Evangelista CD review by Troy Brookins

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Evangelista CD review by Troy Brookins
May 12, 2008, 02:55

Evangelista - Hello, Voyager


Carla Bozulich has carved out a career that spans from the influential Ethyl Meatplow and Geraldine Fibbers to side-kicking in Scarnella with Nels Cline to sharing some Willy Nelson time when she covered his brilliant Red Headed Stranger. That's quite the resumé from someone who still quietly flies beneath the radar without being so quiet. Very Lydia Lunch in many aspects, Bozulich exudes vagina dentate—very seductive only to castrate in the long run. This has always been the perception of Bozulich as she has created some of the more interesting music over the last two decades. Not expected to disappoint, Evangelista mines the depths of dread and comes up wailing for air. Hello, Voyager is twisted, emotional angst played out by a storyteller who knows how to sell it without a hint of dishonesty. You feel the slow, painful crawl that Bozulich is pitching but it never comes across as forced or designed for the marketplace. This is not your average Cat Power variety since you're dealing with an entity that really knows how to capture the emotion of despair without it coming from alcohol/drug abuse or sounding “for sale.” [Constellation]

-Troy Brookins


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