Pagans CD review by Steve Miller

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Pagans CD review by Steve Miller
May 12, 2008, 03:00

Pagans - Blue Album

PAGANS The Blue Album CD

If they can't be punk, they don't wanna be alive. One more document of a band that has gained considerably in stature since it was among the first wave on the scene in 1979. Coming from Clevo, the Pagans were already possessed of legend and cut from the Dead Boys' leather. The Blue Album set is as good, and better in some spots, than much of the reissued Pagans. The Pirate's Cove 9/24/79 should have been the ultimate document, but failed on quality. Live Roadkill was decent but had too much filler. Here, we have a batch of songs well-recorded in 1988 that haven't been done to death, no “Six and Change” or “Street Where Nobody Lives.” Instead, they look back to their day as a Stones cover band for a version of “Heart of Stone” and a speed burn of “Her Name Was Jane” without the metal taint of the single. Nothing here to send you out to the store for, just nine tunes that remind that the Pagans were part of the building blocks of what became an important place in music, that is, the city on Lake Erie. Smog Veil has done a great job of issuing some other documents from Cleveland, inc. the terrific Rocket from the Tombs collection and some Pere Ubu material that we should all own. We can thank them now. [Smog Veil]



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