Grand Archives CD review by Troy Brookins

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Grand Archives CD review by Troy Brookins
May 21, 2008, 20:21

Grand Archives - The Grand Archives


This is the debut from Mat Brooke's latest project Grand Archives and while I'd like to reserve judgment over his leaving Band of Horses to create his own thing, I won't. What the fuck were you thinking? Yes, you had the helm with Carissa's Wierd, but that band never went anywhere. Were you itching to have a band of your own so badly that you had to jump ship when things were really starting to take off? Is this some act of martyrdom, because I don't think it's working. Ben Bridwell, however, is doing quite well. Band of Horses is selling out venues and definitely corporate-fucking their way to new houses. While I respect your need to go out on your own to create some unforgettable, wispy music that bounces along in a very sunny sing-a-long style, Grand Archives just doesn't do it for me, sounding very Wilco-lite, but far from interesting or fun. Big yawn. [Sub Pop]

-Troy Brookins


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