The Muslims LP reveiw by Troy Brookins

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The Muslims LP reveiw by Troy Brookins
May 27, 2008, 14:50



By the time you read this I'm sure someone important will have snatched these guys up from MySpace/blogosphere stardom and given them a proper home. It's an easy decision when you spit out post-punk songs with hooks that sink in for days. This self-titled release is an example of how the Strokes were headed in the right direction, but somehow strayed from reigniting what was right about rock-n-roll. These guys are a David Fricke wet dream that keeps the promise to pay respect to the best that has come before them while carving out some space to call their own. Yeah, The Velvets and Modern Lovers are present here, but you couldn't ask for a better interpretation, especially on tracks like “Beside Myself,” “Right and Wrong” and “On My Time.” This is definitely worth the price of admission. [1928 Recordings]

-Troy Brookins

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