Collapsar CD review by Luc Rodgers

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Collapsar CD review by Luc Rodgers
Jun 26, 2008, 02:18



Instrumental metal…the idea always sounds better than the outcome. I've written what seems like tomes on the lack of invention and reason many times over…when will it flourish into what it should be; pique the interest with instruments and fill in the void of silence with an ear-splitting cacophony that will make listeners take notice rather than hum along as it plays in the background. Give us brutality without so much as a syllable highlighting your need for a violent act. Give us chops and riffs that halt quiet the thunderous, badly tattooed arm of Kerry King for a mere minute. Give us a song structure that makes absolutely no goddamn sense so that a weathered ear can once again hear abandon and chaos.

Give us Collapsar.

What a band name. Evoked is a science experiment gone bad, or, after one learns that they are an instrumental metal band, smears a frown of disgust over the face. Collapsar is neither a T-shirt to wear nor a sticker to don on an unsuspecting stop sign. Collapsar is a bad name but an incredible band.

“Axiomatic Fragment” begins its life on Earth with what seems like four thunderous riffs played at a speed that is uncommon. As it escalates with bended notes rising higher and higher, the (male) listener feels their testicles recede into the body cavity for protection for, after this, god knows what is going to happen.

And even as it does, one thinks, “No…really?”

The precision and ability of Adam Harris (guitar), Brett Judice (Drums), Stephen Sheppert (guitar/synth/samples) is, honestly, something to behold. After a much-welcomed triplet breakdown in the aforementioned opener, half-time ensues and Slayer's South of Heaven ekes though just enough to distract the listener as the next number, “The Great Caldera,” itches that part of the body that is allergic to the straight, brutal riffing of Cursed's “Antihero Resuscitator” (Goodfellow Records 2008). The ears remain open and jerk the head side-to-side as a dog wielding a squirrel carcass. By the time the end comes, however, a new time signature is introduced (surprise!) and a new level of “how-in-the-hell-and-what-in-the-fuck” has been achieved.

These are metal men comfortable in their ability and execution. In “Drilling Holes Through Space,” the simpler, riff-driven approach is taken but yet it is still a high road unbeknownst to the common man. As each guitar line tells a story; Judice backs everything up in a confident and astute rhythm that rattles snakes and blinds the seemingly all-seeing.

The dirty South of America has spawned the rudest and most pertinent metal America has to offer (Mastodon, Black Tusk, Rwake, Eyehategod, among, obviously, countless others) and Lafayette, Louisiana's Collapsar is no exception.

Listen and be bewildered. [Escape Artist]

-Luc Rodgers


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