Cat Power CD review by Craig Finn

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Cat Power CD review by Craig Finn
Jul 8, 2008, 17:14

Cat Power - What Would the Community Think

CAT POWER What Would the Community Think CD

Cat Power is the one woman powerhouse of Chan Marshall who with slight fingerpicking and hushed vocals has created a record stronger in its intensity than the potential impact of having each of Pantera's two thousand guitar amplifiers dropped on your head from sixty stories up. Marshall's subtlety is her best friend, and each time she opens her mouth and lets out the sound of her stunningly beautiful voice you feel as if you are hearing the darkest of generations-old secrets. Each of these twelve songs exemplify fine attention to space and simplicity, and when she gets on a roll, Marshall's vocal style resembles one of those sped up stop-action films of a flower opening up and closing again. Southern to be sure in its despair, this also resembles the best and most honest work of Patti Smith. Fans will want to check out last year's European release on Italy's Runt Records, as well as Marshall's vinyl-only cover of Thurston Moore's “Psychic Hearts” which should have been written for her exclusively. [Matador]

-Craig Finn


This review from 1997 originally appeared in Your Flesh #35

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