Chokebore CD review by Troy Brookins

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Chokebore CD review by Troy Brookins
Jul 8, 2008, 17:25

Chokebore - A Taste for Bitters

CHOKEBORE A Taste for Bitters CD

There is no question in my mind that Chokebore is the best of the AmRep signings in the past five years. With their third full length entitled A Taste for Bitters, Chokebore remain a band too elusive for words. It doesn't figure that four guys from Hawaii would move to L.A., the worst place on the planet, and kick the musical shit out of a city that dried up in the late 80s. Chokebore is the type of band that gives a much-deserved musical beating. One listen to Troy Miller's vocal delivery and he has you in an emotional one-two combination. Miller works words and phrases into a subtle bruising while the bass and guitar crunch of the Kroll brothers, and latest addition drummer Mike Featherston, work the musical assault. A Taste for Bitters is beautiful enough to fuck to and violent enough to bust some heads. Grind and groove. There are few bands that combine the elements of sex and violence so convincingly.

Chokebore's three releases can be looked upon as a trilogy of progression, moving from the brilliant, climax-induced work of Motionless to the seductive Anything Near Water, ending in ...Bitters; a resolution where the similar frustrations of Motionless and Anything Near Water work in harmony.

Sex and violence are parallel releases—both are a step away from who we really are, based on need, and self-fulfillment driven by inner hunger. The immediacy of the satisfaction rarely lasts long enough to be noticed, so consequently we crave more. The desire to have takes precedence over any rational solutions that we can possibly muster under psychological and emotional passion. Fortunately, Chokebore knows exactly what we need. We need it all, and they deliver. [Amphetamine Reptile]

-Troy Brookins


This review from 1997 originally appeared in Your Flesh #35

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