The Breeders LIVE review and pics by Troy Brookins

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The Breeders LIVE review and pics by Troy Brookins
Jul 16, 2008, 00:55

The Whip

The Breeders - Mountain Battles (Bonus Track Version)

THE BREEDERS / MATT AND KIM / THE WHIP at McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn, NY; July 13, 2008

One of the best things about living where I do in Brooklyn is being just a few blocks from McCarren Park Pool where JELLYNYC's Pool Parties take place. Every summer Sunday these guys host a free concert that's not to be missed. Where else can you enjoy a beautiful afternoon in a former public swimming pool, drink tons of beer, play dodge ball, get wet on a giant inflatable slip'n'slide, people watch and hear great music? I can assure you that it ain't happening in Des Moines.

This past Sunday, the pool was filled to capacity with a variety of folks, young and old, due to near perfect weather and the highly anticipated appearance by The Breeders. The line of people wanting to get in stretched for several blocks and most waited an hour or more to get through the gate. Those who didn't make the cut lined the fences for a glimpse of what was happening inside. If it's free in NYC, especially JELLYNYC's Pool Parties, always get there early or you may miss out.

Those who arrived late or were stuck in line missed Manchester's The Whip. Living up to the expectations of what a band from Manchester might sound like in 2008, The Whip mixed Kraftwerk with Happy Mondays and set the day off on the right foot. This was perfect for those wanting to get hot and sweaty as they danced on the chipped concrete pool bottom.

Kim of Matt and Kim

Next up was the hyper-kinetic and perpetual happy Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim. These two, who always seem to be playing somewhere, were obvious crowd favorites—attendance seemed to double when they took the stage. Rude Mechanical Orchestra, a 30 piece marching band, joined Matt and Kim toward the end of their set, adding to the already cheery atmosphere, to help them close out the performance. Even if you weren't digging the music, you couldn't help but smile at the scene that took over the stage. Who doesn't love a punk rock marching band that comes with a group of energetic cheerleaders?

Dayton, Ohio's The Breeders closed the day in support of Mountain Battles, the band's fourth release in twenty years, but drew from their entire catalog. The Deal sisters sounded amazing as both voices blended seamlessly into their trademark harmonies, proving that nothing has been lost in the six years since The Breeders toured for

Deal sisters, Kim and Kelly

Title TK. Both Kim and Kelly seemed to be having a great time: joking about the pool, playing “Happiness is a Warm Gun” from Pod, covering Guided by Voices and showcasing the best songs from the new record. Everyone went crazy when Kim started “Cannonball,” which seemed like an appropriate song considering the venue, the crowd jumped up and down in appreciation as those immediately recognizable bass lines started thumping. It felt like 1993 when The Breeders were everywhere on the strength of Last Splash.

How do you wrap up a day like that? By heading to a local bar, because you haven't had enough to drink and the party needs to keep going. Fortunately, there are several who concur and the bars fill within minutes of The Breeders walking off stage. Unfortunately, I can no longer drink like it's 1993, so I drag on home looking forward to next Sunday when The Liars will be headlining.

-Troy Brookins

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