The Terminals 7" review by Mike Trouchon

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The Terminals 7" review by Mike Trouchon
Jul 16, 2008, 00:45


THE TERMINALS “Medusa” b/w “Scarecrow” 7”

As a pint-sized follow-up to last year's very fine Little Things LP, The Terminals are back with a double-barreled shot of infectious, angst-ridden noise pop. In case you've never bent an ear to the music of this impressive New Zealand quintet, you can expect to hear equal parts gloomy, DIY psych pop and high octane, post-punk sizzle. “Medusa” tracks a heady Velvet's line with its rich mantle of dual, fuzztone guitars and absolutely magnificent cello musings that remind me of John Cale's splendid viola work in the aforementioned, legendary quartet. The song bolts out of the starting gate and maintains its swift cadence until both the howling guitars and screeching cello simultaneously expire in an exhausted heap at the finish line. The flipside carries a very cool and creepy keyboard melody that's propelled by the ominous floor toms of Peter Stapleton. Think of 154-era Wire covering a Barrett song and you won't be too far off the mark from the target “Scarecrow” hits dead center. After toiling away in near obscurity for almost ten years, we can only hope that the band will continue to create music of this caliber in the future, and for chrissakes, makes it over here for a tour someday. [Roof Bolt Recordings]

-Mike Trouchon

This review from 1997 originally appeared in Your Flesh #35


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