DIARY OF A PUNK by Mike Hudson; Tuscarora Books, 2008

Mike Hudson's memoirs as lead singer for Cleveland, Ohio's seminal punk group The Pagans cuts deep, warts and all. He names names and takes no prisoners and much blood is spilled (one record label dude in particular gets outright punk'd and filleted for the scum he is—duck and cover, Minneapolis). Only complaint: too short. Book clocks in at a little under 150 pages (not including appendices) BUT without question, being the seasoned writer Hudson is (years of newspaper experience under his belt), this first-hand (and first-rate) account of the trials and tribulations of his and the band's travails only partially satisfies as "Diary..." doesn't short change you but certainly leaves you winded and wanting more. For a succinct one-two combo, this is no doubt the most honest accounting of an off-the-grid band you're gonna be pressed to find, It's a knockout, no question—a real bruiser. Get it now. (And if you don't know who The Pagans were, please.)

-Peter Davis

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  1. Sid Clark says:

    Good book about a righteous punk band.

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