Cheveu LP reviewed by James Jackson Toth

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Cheveu LP reviewed by James Jackson Toth
Aug 12, 2008, 04:37

Cheveu - Cheveu


New wave hardcore band Cheveu hail from France, and their melodic, drum-machine driven punk rock is some of the most unique you'll hear this year. Imagine if Suicide somehow heard about cow punk without actually hearing any of it, and then tried to create a reasonable facsimile of it based only on a Rank and File review in Trouser Press. “Happiness” features a droll Steven Wright-like narrator bemoaning that he ‘bores people' over a rinky-dink piano, while the vaguely menacing “Herman Choune” would resemble a lost AmRep side if not for the falsetto vocals and absence of guitar. This is to say nothing of the energy-drink surf of “Superhero,” or “Lola Langusta” which, with its horns and funky blues guitar, sounds like the residents of an insane asylum attempting to cover the Fabulous Thunderbirds. The album ends with the long, meandering “Unemployment Blues,” a repetitive vamp featuring flanged vocals that is the album's only miss, sounding, frankly, like it was designed to fill up the rest of side two. As the album's longest song, it does just that. [S-s Records]

-James Jackson Toth


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