The Black Lips live, review and pics by Troy Brookins

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The Black Lips live, review and pics by Troy Brookins
Aug 12, 2008, 04:33


BLACK LIPS / DEERHUNTER / KING KHAN & THE SHRINES / TALL FIRS at McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn, NY; August 3, 2008

I completely missed Tall Firs, because the line to get into the show was long. What I could hear outside the pool sounded a bit like Sonic Youth. Would have liked to check them out, but it wasn't going to happen when you're fifty deep in a slow moving line.

Former Spaceshit, King Khan brought his Shrines and plenty of good time party vibe to McCarren Pool this Sunday. Khan ran around the stage, added a couple of costume changes/alterations, jumped into the crowd and took a banana peel to the balls—all in the name of rock'n'roll. Watching a King Khan show is never boring. It may be a bit over-the-top, but that's what makes it great because Khan & The Shrines know how to bring it!

Atlanta's Deerhunter have added a new guitarist, replacing Colin Mee with Whitney Petty—a change that's easy on the eyes. It also looks like singer/guitarist Bradford Cox has stopped wearing dresses even though he sill remains the obvious focus of attention. Showcasing many songs from the forthcoming Microcastle, Deerhunter played for about an hour mixing the new songs with a couple from Cryptograms and Fluorescent Grey. There's not much action going on during a Deerhunter set, but they sounded great and I'm looking forward to hearing Microcastle.

King Khan came out to introduce Black Lips wearing a gold lamé dress and fez while shaking maracas, and it only got weirder from there. During the spirited set, Bradford Cox and Khan came out for some fraternal hi-jinx and started throwing toilet paper rolls into the crowd and then proceeded to wrap the band as the unraveling rolls started to make their way back to the stage. During the whole scene, Black lips never missed a beat and kept the crowd going. While Black Lips were amazing, tearing through a greatest hits set that hit the ground running and never let up, it was obviously King Khan's day as he and Mark Sultan (Spaceshits/BBQ) came out to sing a song and tongue kiss. It was all in good fun and the antics seemed appropriate considering the number of adults, including Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington, playing dodgeball and taking advantage of the inflatable slip'n'slide.

-Troy Brookins

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