Goliath Bird Eater CD reviewed by Joseph P. Larkin

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Goliath Bird Eater CD reviewed by Joseph P. Larkin
Aug 22, 2008, 03:16



Boy, did this ever come from out of nowhere! With a CD that has virtually no information on its sleeve, who'd have guessed this band would be so good? (Not me.) Though the art for Blood Venus may be unassuming, the instrumental music found on this disc most certainly isn't—this is the kinda shit that will bash you senseless for an hour (if you're brave enough to listen to it for a full hour, anyway). Think Mean Man's Dream-era Gore or, for a couple o' reference points more contemporary, look no further then Pelican and Red Sparowes. Best thing of all, their big sound is made by just two guys, namely guitarist Bobb Bruno (formerly of The For Carnation) and whatever drummer he can find at any given time to pound the skins for him. Like an especially vindictive ex-girlfriend or an Earth-bound comet, Blood Venus will destroy you. Consider yourself warned. [Not Not Fun]

-Joseph P. Larkin

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