Beaten By Them CD reviewed by Steve Miller

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Beaten By Them CD reviewed by Steve Miller
Sep 8, 2008, 04:11



Rain plunking the roof, and I'm inexplicably re-reading Post Office by Charles Bukowski and wondering if creative writing majors are still dropping his name without ever reading a word.

Meanwhile, Beaten by Them, a primarily instrumental ensemble, led by a cello, starts kicking ass, although there's something wrong. Is there a genre? These category-defying bands tend to think they are above it all by meshing instruments and banging off some agro emotion. The press note to the YF reviewer says the band is “classical-meets-rock,” which is off-putting as all hell. Still, there's merit to the sound, if not the description. It's moody, it's better with absolutely no substance intake, it certainly isn't beautiful and it feels like a film score. I'm there. [Logicpole]



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