Patches and Gretchen CD reviewed by Michelle Leon

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Patches and Gretchen CD reviewed by Michelle Leon
Oct 6, 2008, 22:20


PATCHES AND GRETCHEN Music From Little Big Pink CD

Yes, my girl has made herself one hell of a record.

Gretchen Seichrist, also known as Patches and Gretchen, has brought us this debut, made with a little help from her friends and some mighty ambition. There is no stopping a girl who only has a babysitter for her two days; yes, she only had two days to make this record.

Seichrist only studies chords on a “need to know” basis, which keeps things rustic and jangly. Her lyrics are heartbreaking and her arrangements sparse. This organic approach gives the record a backwoods feel without sounding too green.

Seichrist has personality y'all. This is the girl you want at your bonfire, doe-eyes-a-blinking. The boys will all have a crush on her and the girls will all want be her friend. She will sing you all the prettiest songs (yes, just for you). Not traditionally pretty mind you, more of a cross between a cowgirl balladeer, “I Haven't Got Time for the Pain” era Carly Simon with a totally satisfying helping of Patti Smith dirtiness.

This record is good-- bittersweet, funny, pretty and sad. Ms. Seichrist may long to portray Joan Baez an in the reel-to-reel movie that plays in her mind (she really freakin' loves Dylan), but she really has so much more to bring to the party. [Zapitol]

-Michelle Leon

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