The M's CD reviewed by Steve Miller

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The M's CD reviewed by Steve Miller
Oct 6, 2008, 22:14


THE M's Real Close Ones CD

Was reading my glitter special edition of Mojo recently and reveling in the look of The Days. It was special, silly and superficial…undeniably supercilious. The music transcended, though—big guitars, riffs from bands like Slade that burst thick and vocals that enjoyed a few octaves up into air that send them over the rest of the sound. Bowie had it. Sweet, for sure. Even latter-day Mott the Hoople. And when the 70s/glitter sound is brought back these days, mostly it comes from bands like Louis XIV, who do a passable job of aping the masters. They cavort in Cavalli, sing about love and secrets. It's all very respectful. The M's enjoy a manner that gives them a pre-glitter appeal, since they look every bit the Midwestern lads they are and are by no means about to make a mark for their fashionableness. But when “Pigs Fly” sounds about as Tyrannosaurus Rex as “Ride a White Swan” or even close to something on Electric Warrior, well, the duds they wear aren't exactly crucial, are they? This 13-songer is far too long—the 4-piece M's make short songs that should be kept in small doses. Yes, it is completely derivative but just the same it's still altogether cool. [Polyvinyl]



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