Jay Reatard CD reviewed by Troy Brookins

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Jay Reatard CD reviewed by Troy Brookins
Oct 16, 2008, 07:46

Jay Reatard - Matador Singles '08 (Bonus Track Version)

JAY REATARD Matador Singles '08 CD

Jay “Reatard” Lindsey has been getting tons of press recently, but unfortunately not all of it has been good. There have been rumors of tantrums, last minute cancelled gigs, fans punched/kicked, coke binges and mysterious tour van blowjobs that have been taking the spotlight away from the music. If you believe what you read it seems that the garage rock wunderkind has turned into a bit of a prima donna. This might be a problem if no one gave a fuck about Jay Reatard, but that's far from the truth. The prolific Memphis, Tennessee resident has been releasing music over the last decade with The Reatards, The Lost Sounds and several side projects—amassing an impressive discography in a relatively short period of time. This year alone Lindsey has released two singles compilations: the first collects all the out of print singles from '06 – '07 and was released on In The Red and this latest CD is a collection of the six impossible-to-find Matador 7”s that were released throughout this past summer. Matador Singles is thirteen tracks of herky-jerky, hook-filled, lo-fi, fuzzed-out pop songs about girls or death or the combination of the two. Blending new wave with lo-fi garage has been Reatard's bread and butter and he showcases it well on tracks like “See Saw,” “An Ugly Death,” “Painted Shut,” and “You Mean Nothing to Me.” He also covers Deerhunter's “Fluorescent Grey”—giving the song a sense of urgency that comes close to one-upping the original. Overall, it's a fun ride that should justify why the buzz has been so deafening and prove Jay Reatard may be more than just hype. [Matador]

-Troy Brookins


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