The Damned CD reviewed by Steve Miller

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The Damned CD reviewed by Steve Miller
Dec 24, 2008, 16:02


THE DAMNED   So, Who's Paranoid? CD

The two lifetime plan punkers, Vanian and Sensible, team up with some youngsters to keep cranking it out. The result is not unpleasant but it is tame. Damned tame. There are organ trills, some garage rock thrills and even a ridiculously funny cello on “Nature's Dark Passion.” The drums aren't the smooth chaos they once were (Is he tripping over himself on “Under the Wheels”?) and the vocals sound more Danzig-ish than they should. And speaking of cartoons, the imagery evoked via the songs is kind and shiny, friendly almost. In fact Paranoid is all so fine and pro, I had to pull out the first LP for a spin, just to make sure I could connect the dots. I could —an inflection in the voice here, a drum flurry there—but for the most part, like so many other grown-ups, the soul just leaves and finesse takes over. Which is a maturity that assures the volume is now low. [English Channel/Redeye]



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