Black Time CD reviewed by Steve Miller

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Black Time CD reviewed by Steve Miller
Jan 16, 2009, 05:35

Black Time

BLACK TIME Double Negative CD

When lo-fi Pussy Galore/Voidoids sounds retro, what the fuck do we do?

When they have names like Lemmy Caution, Pirate Love and Hamburger Mary, are we supposed to succumb to show-biz titles and pretend that we're into the schlock? I have no answers as this thing tweaks my speaks—the treble shrieks like the Memorex ads should have, really. Bust that glass with this. These two guys and a girl, said to be from London, call their deal “the heavy vampire sound,” but I don't hear it. Instead, I hear some great noise that sings and soars atonally, meshed with a few ambient pieces. If you've worn out your copy of Dial M, as I have, and are looking for the next step, here you go. You know those bands that play at county fairs and such, playing Foghat covers and the like? This is the 21st century version of classic rock for noise fans. [In the Red]



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