Blood of The Tyrant CD reviewed by Brett Horn

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Blood of The Tyrant CD reviewed by Brett Horn
Jan 16, 2009, 05:16



A couple of weeks ago, I needed something to do on a Friday night and headed over to Metal Shaker to check out a show (A big thumbs up to Metal Shaker, it's pretty sweet having a dive bar devoted to metal nearby). A band named Blood of the Tyrant introduced themselves with the line “We've got a CD, if you want one after the show, they're free. Please take one; it will make us feel better.” I was a little skeptical after that lead in, but I'm glad I stuck around and doubly glad I asked for a CD.

Blood of the Tyrant share a band name structure with and sounds quite a bit like fellow Chicagoans, Lair of the Minotaur, with a crunchy, pummeling attack, alternating vocals and song structures that don't sit still for long. But their sound is a bit looser and slower, and they leaven the heaviness with some nice guitar runs. The 4-track disc was produced by Sanford Parker of Minsk and Buried At Sea and the production is better than can be expected for a self-released CD. The standout track is the opener “Flaw of the Sentient Being” a 7-minute sonic snowball that picks up steam to close with a punky energy reminiscent of Minor Threat. The third track “Helena” is also worth a mention, it sounds somewhat like Jawbox reimagined as a metal band. The instrumental closer is the sole dud, is never really hits a stride and drags on for much too long. But there's little to criticize on this first effort and if Blood of the Tyrant stays together long enough to put out a full-length I will gladly lay out some cash for it. []

-Brett Horn

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