Totimoshi CD reviewed by Steve Miller

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Totimoshi CD reviewed by Steve Miller
Jan 16, 2009, 05:11

Totimoshi - Milagrosa


Have to go back to the notes for this one, checking on a few of the times I've seen them stand and deliver on a stage. Here's something from 2004: “three-piece from Oakland, good thud, reminds of AmRep. Almost epitomizes heavy metal. Or mental.”

Another from 2006: “Hard and linear, singer is one angry guy who shouts too much about politics. The music is moving to a strong Helmet bent.”

OK, you get the picture on Totimoshi; Relentless road warriors, given to lefty (what else?) slogan shouting live. Big blocky sound with big spaces, much like the aforementioned Helmet.

Milagrosa, meaning miracle or miracle worker, is the band's 5th and like their 4th (Ladron) gets closer to the source, produced by Helmet's Page Hamilton. The 11 songs don't move the band anywhere, and the live experience has a much bigger impact.  And the politics are about as convincing as Al Gore with a Power Point. You guys lost me. [Volcom]



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