Ty Segall CD reviewed by Kevin Burke

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Ty Segall CD reviewed by Kevin Burke
Feb 11, 2009, 19:13

Ty Segall - Ty Segall


Tweakers and weirdos are slowly but surely figuring out the Sisyphean nature of “garage rock.”  It's as encouraging as it is silly to say that Ty Segall's self-titled debut finally pushes the rock up the hill, especially since the band consists of him and…well, nobody else.  Finally, it appears that the same grounds that were responsible for the best in American punk have brought us a swarm of hungry little yokels ready to drink the drops that fell off the Seeds' chin.  If Ty isn't sitting atop the sundae yet, you can bet that he will be soon.Â

This, his debut, deceptively creeps out of the gates.  The opener is mid-tempo and, honestly, kinda boring two-chord rock and roll.  It becomes evident after the first line, however, that this kid can sing his ass off.  Unlike his breathy, precious, friends in Thee Oh Sees, there are no lyrics about mystical pastures or hallucinatory bike rides.  These songs are about fucking, or best something similar.  The album paces itself well, speeds up and slows down like a story and at times blends the lines between songs.  Sure, it's all pretty much the same nail being hit with the same hammer, but this kid is swinging and the record benefits largely from its brevity.  At twelve tracks in twenty-four minutes, by the time you decide you don't like something it's already an afterthought.Â

What's the best part? It's completely free of chops, irony, and for that matter, thought. Troggs fans rejoice—simple songs with actual melodies have returned.  Not only that, but they brought the guitar tone of the Feederz along for the ride.

Sure, I agree that the vocal effect needs to go away.  If bands don't watch it, pretty soon we'll be running the same race as modern hip-hop and its vocoder parade.  Haters, you gotta remember to hate the player, don't hate the game, and Ty's game is pretty seamless. [Castle-Face]

-Kevin Burke

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