The Chap CD reviewed by Kevin Burke

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The Chap CD reviewed by Kevin Burke
Mar 6, 2009, 19:25

The Chap - Mega Breakfast

THE CHAP Mega Breakfast CD

If The Chap were a night club, and I took my friends there for a drink, I would get my ass kicked. Between all the dudes wearing body glitter, and all the girls trying to look futuristic and pretending they just heard something really transcendent, it would be kinda hard to gather my senses enough to assess the situation.

Apparently, The Chap believe that they are “rebuilding pop music,” and I guess that is rich-hipster code for “doing a bad job of trying to sound like Spark.s” It's not all garbage, as some of the songs have interesting parts, but on a whole the band locks into some shtick and doesn't notice that nobody else in the room thinks it's funny. “Surgery” is kinda interesting, only to turn into a snooze-fest once you realize it is going to do that same silly loop for the whole song.

Bitchfork gave this an 8.1. Are you serious? Basically, this album is the musical equivalent of a faux-hawk. All the people who will defend this record against this review, saying that I don't “get it” don't get it either. If they did/do, I want nothing to do with them anyway. Fans of ironic-lyric bourgeoisie music that is pretty fucking devoid of joy, grab your wraparound shades and hold on tight. [Ghostly International]

-Kevin Burke


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